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Chasing after your target audience through social media? If not done correctly, your outbound and inbound marketing campaigns can be a huge drain on your finances - not to mention, your time and energy.


Your online tribe is growing. Sales are rolling in, and your call center is busy from dawn until dusk. But it frustrates you that people still squint and ask, “Who?” when you name-drop your company or product.


Though it’s a near $20 billion dollar industry, e-commerce is a levelled playing field. Businesses, no matter how large or how small in real life, have an equal opportunity to reach out to their customers and make their mark. The digital streets are paved with gold. But - and there is a but - e-commerce can be a wild ride.

Micro-Tracking, Testing & ROAS Optimization

We optimize every step in the customer journey to get you the best possible return on ad spend.

We Do This By Combining

What We Do

Handling your marketing in-house always seemed to be the most cost effective thing you could do for your business.

But when you’re on the edge of scaling up…

Or preparing to branch out in fascinating new ways…

You need someone that thinks outside the box to ensure your growth is steady and stable.

Which is why outsourcing your marketing can be the key to your success.

SKAGs Build SKAGs Build
Conversion-Focused Optimization Conversion-Focused Optimization
Call Tracking, Recording & Conversation Intelligence Call Tracking, Recording & Conversation Intelligence
Search PPC & Contextual Display Animation

But, why?

Because a highly-experienced, exceptionally creative, ROI-driven marketing team will do the hard leg work for you. At Clickdee, we use our skills and industry experience to tap into the hearts of your target demographic, getting you higher quality leads (and more of them), and cementing your business’ brand in their minds. Meaning? You get to focus on raking in sales. You get to spend more time expanding your business. And you won’t waste another minute rewriting ad copy on a Sunday afternoon. Ready to get started? Discover below how we can help scale up your business’ growth.

ROAS-Focused Campaign Scalling ROAS-Focused
Campaign Scaling
Multi-Layered Testing Multi-Layered Testing
Funnel Conversion Optimization Funnel Conversion

About Us

Clickdee has been one of the fastest growing premier lead generation companies in the world.

Companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and elsewhere turn to us when they need to increase their profits, get highly qualified leads, develop a successful sales campaign or develop a state-of-the-art online marketing campaign.

About Clickdee
Split Testing Split Testing
Landing Page Journey Analytics Landing Page
Journey Analytics
Funnel Builds Up-Sells & Down-Sells Funnel Builds,
Up-Sells & Down-Sells

Featured Case Study

See how Shopify merchants Liz and Bill from Fat Stone Farm went from a 1.66x return on ad spend to 66x in under a year.

Fat Stone Farm’s Timeline

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  • Winter 2017
    Winter 2017 Winter 2017

    Fat Stone Farm partners with digital agency Clickdee

    Winter 2017
  • Jan - Mar 2017
    Jan - Mar 2017 Jan - Mar 2017

    Ran first sales campaigns using Facebook ads
    and landing pages that integrate with Shopify

    Jan - Mar 2017
  • April 2017
    April 2017 April 2017

    Launched a campaign focused on smoothie lovers
    with a dedicated Unbounce landing page

    April 2017
  • May 2017
    May 2017 May 2017

    Began running weekly sweepstakes and e-book funnels for Elderberry Apple Shots and related products

    May 2017
  • Winter 2018
    Winter 2018 Winter 2018

    Re-launched sales campaigns with new
    product launches and refined audiences


Numbers Drive Profit, Not Promises

Here's what you can expect from us
Full Transparency & Accountability
Full Transparency & Accountability

The power of digital is that everything can be (and should be) tracked. We don't see this as a threat. Instead, it's an opportunity to deliver unequaled levels of results and accountability.

Dedicated Brain Power
Dedicated Brain Power

You're assigned a seasoned and accessible marketing consultant with extensive knowledge of conversion-focused campaigns and how they translate into sales.

Data-Driven & Focused On Conversions
Data-Driven & Focused On Conversions

We focus all our efforts on driving more conversions to your business and we do this by analyzing and reacting to data on a daily basis. Traffic is great, but we prefer traffic that turns into sales.

We Work With These Channels

... and many more!
Who we work with
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  • Jonathan and his team listened, and are willing to go beyond their comforts to make things happen. We always feel comfortable sharing new ideas and getting feedback from Clickdee. They are there to help your business grow in the right path and will not hesitate to give you their honest feedbacks to steer you back on the right track.

    ADx Dental Avatar
    Dr. Tan Dat Tran
    ADx Dental
  • I am amazed by my experience so far with Jonathan and the Clickdee team. They went out of their way to customize our PPC campaign with landing pages that are aggressive and properly designed for all platforms. Jonathan brings invaluable expertise to the table and I know that he has our campaigns best interests at heart. I never have any problem getting in touch with them for any of our needs and that is something hard to find. Our new dental office is growing efficiently and effectively with their help.

    Riverwalk Dental Group Avatar
    Riverwalk Dental Group
  • In a short period of time it's evident that Clickdee are going to become a valuable business partner for Samuraw Nutrition. In the area of Social-media PPC, 8 out of 10 firms simply can't deliver. Jonathan and the team are hyper-responsive, proactive and a pleasure to deal with. We have results from Day 1 and are looking forward to Clickdee becoming a key asset to our business. If you are looking for a company where relationship and trust are key drivers for you, than you need to engage with these guys.

    Samuraw Nutrition Avatar
    Brad King
    Samuraw Nutrition
  • These guys are worth every penny. Excellent results (very high CVRs, good CPA, [and] lots of new customers!). The Clickdee co-founders are hands-on, creative, and keep tweaking throughout. Their attentiveness to the campaigns and my crazy ideas have exceeded my expectations month after month.

    Fatstone Farm Avatar
    Bill Farrel
    Fatstone Farm
  • If you are looking for someone to turn your AdWords and Bing campaigns, look no further. Stefano and the team at Websitry really know what they are doing when it comes to PPC advertising.

    Kelly Klee Avatar
    Chad DiPrince
    Kelly Klee

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